Antiochian Women

Antiochian Women

Early in my Priesthood, I learned that without the women, you do not have a successful parish.

We have over the decades been blessed with sincere, dutiful women who have always ‘stepped up to the plate’ for the welfare of this parish.

The Ladies Guild of St. George’s is a integral part of the life of this Church. They have gone way past just ‘cooking and cleaning.’

The Ladies Guild put on functions to benefit the parish; help in the Sunday School, sing in the Choir, usher, run the Church bookstore, and so much more.

They are always seeking other women to ‘join the team.’

Ladies Guild President, Gabrielle Stevens is such a driving force in the life of St. George’s as are all of the wonderful Ladies who are a part of this parish.

If you would like to be part of the circle or just have a prayer request posted, please contact Fr. John at